Composure is bringing to its customers a new venue for entertainment where they feel at home. It engages the senses of sight, smell, feel and hearing. Through tantalizing cuisines and drinks, relaxing ambiance and soothing music.

Daily Menu



DishDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Comfort Fish DelightFish fingers sprinkled with coconut crunch$650.00
Cruz ControlFrench fries with mango pineapple cream sauce$300.00
Fly AwaySpicy chicken wings with honey sauce$600.00
Easy Like Sunday MornSalt fish fritters$350.00
EquanimityGarlic bread topped with a special glaze$300.00


DishDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Light Hearted ChickenChicken with natural garden herbs$850.00
Chicken ReposeOven baked chicken in red wine$800.00
Sea Food SwayVariety of seafood made into a stew$750.00
Green Pastures SteakSteak dipped in a spicy sauce$1200.00
LambPrepared in kush and mint sauce$1500.00
Shrimp of CloverShrimp in garlic sauce$1800.00
Island Mist Steam Fish$1100.00
Modena Chicken Pasta$800.00
Honey Comb Pork$700.00
Turin Eclipse FishFish in coconut curry sauce$950.00

Garden of Calmness

DishDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Serenity Garden SaladFresh green vegetables, pecan, raisins, cheese, bacon, egg, with cranberry dressing$650.00
Equilibrium SaladFresh green vegetables and choice of dressing$400.00
Fen Shui SaladFresh green vegetables, grilled fish or grille chicken with mango pineapple dressing$600.00


DishDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Ital EasyVeggie chunks in pineapple sauce$950
TofuCoconut Curry $750


ItemPrice (JMD)
Rice & Peas$250
Plain Rice$200
Baked Potato$180
Steam Vegetable$200

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