Rain or Shine….. We are here for you our hungry Fans…Come and join us today for mouth watering food…….. Jimmy’s Grill House on Trinidad Terrace.¬†We also have our loyalty cards for lunches that are picked up on site. For every 5 large or medium lunches, you earn a free mini lunch. Conditions apply !!

Daily Menu


Updated: Nov 15 2013 9:00am
Fry Chicken$500$370$290
Bar-B-Fry Chicken$500$400
Jerk Chicken$500$400
Bar-B-Q Pork$500$400
Curry Goat$500$400
Brown Stew Slice Fish$500$400
Steam Slice Fish$550$450
Escovitched Slice Fish$550$450
Ital Delight (Done to Order) Pak Choy, cabbage, carrot, red peas & saltfish in coconut sauce.$500$400
Chicken Soup$200Cup $100


Side Orders
Updated: Nov 15 2013 9:00am
Rice & Peas
Plain Rice
Sweet Potato
Dumpling (White/Wheat)
Tossed Salad
Steam Vegetables

Our Gallery


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