Northside Kitchen serves up Kingston’s finest Chinese & Japanese cuisine with exciting dishes & unique ambiance. Our menu offers a variety of regional creations from our Chinese & Japanese chef, whether it’s a Japan, Sichuan, Hunan, Shanghai, Beijing or Cantonese style meal. Our authentic menu and atmosphere creates a truly enjoyable dining experience. We will greet you with the warmest welcome, whether you are a regular patron or coming for the first time. Much painstaking effort has been made to create the tidiest and cleanest dining place and we guarantee you friendly & timely service.


Lunch Menu


Bento Box

ItemPrice (JMD)
Sweet & Sour Chicken$1170
Mallah Chicken$1170
Curry Chicken$1170
Sweet & Sour Pork$1170
Teriyaki Chicken$1190
Sushi (5 pcs sushi & california roll)$1680
Salmon Teriyaki$1980
Sweet & Sour Shrimps$1800
Curry Shrimps$1800
Mallah Shrimps$1800
Sweet & Sour Fish$1750
Curry Fish$1750
Pimento Steak$1680
SOUP :Choose One
Miso Soup
Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup
Wonton Soup

All Bento Box served with soup, salad, fruit & rice


ItemServingPrice (JMD)
Deep Fried Wonton6 PCS$280.00
Deep Fried Shrimp Wonton6 PCS$380.00
BBQ Pork Ribs3 PCS$360.00
Vegetable Spring Roll2 PCS$330.00
Deep Fried Chicken Spring Roll2 PCS$380.00
Deep Fried Phoenix Wing4 PCS$330.00
Deep Fried Shrimps in Batter4 PCS$380.00
Northside Combination$1500.00


ItemPrice (JMD)
Subgum war bar$1650.00
Pork chop in hot plate$1385.00
Pimento steak$1795.00
Pork and yam$1350.00
Seafood with beancurd$2150.00
Eggplant w/ chicken & salt fish$1280.00
Deep fried whole fish w/ sweet & sour sauce$1800.00
Fish w/ apple sauce$1800.00


ItemPrice (JMD)
Sweet & Sour Chicken$990
Mallah Chicken$990
Chicken in Black Bean Sauce$990
Curry Chicken$990
Chicken in Satay Sauce$990
Chicken in Sichuan Style$990
Roasted Chicken$1100 Half / $2200 Whole
Crispy Chicken$1200 Half / $2400 Whole
Chicken in Oyster Sauce$990
Chicken W/ Cashew Nuts$1450
Chicken W/ Black Mushroom$1450
Chicken W/ Butter & Lemon Sauce$1050
Chicken W/ Broccolis$1580


ItemPrice (JMD)
Sweet & Sour Pork$1100
Stewed Pork W/ Ham Choy$1180
Stewed Pork W/ Mucknee$1180
Pork Fillet W/ Sichuan Pickle$1380
Pork Fillet W/ Sichuan Style$1380
Twice Cooked Pork Slice$1380
Pork W/ Cashew Nuts$1590
Pork Ribs W/ Garlic Sauce$1480
Steamed Pork Ribs W/ Black Bean Sauce$1480
Pork Ribs W/ Sweet Sour Sauce$1480
BBQ Spare Ribs$1440
BBQ Pork$1480


ItemPrice (JMD)
Beijing Duck W/ Pancake$4000 Half / $7800 Whole
Roasted Duck$3200 Half / $6400 Whole


ItemPrice (JMD)
Lobster Cantonese Style$2800.00
Lobster in Black Bean Sauce$2800.00
Curry Lobster$2800.00
Lobster Sichuan Style$2800.00
Steamed Lobster W/ Garlic Sauce$2800.00


ItemPrice (JMD)
Sweet & Sour Fish$1480.00
Steam Fish Fillet Sichuan Style$1480.00
Curry Fish Fillet$1480.00
Fish Fillet W/ Cantonese Sauce$1480.00
Steamed Whole Fish W/ Black Bean Sauce$1800.00
Steamed Whole Fish W/ Cantonese Style$1800.00


ItemPrice (JMD)
Northside Delight: Shrimps, BBQ Pork, Chicken, Beef with mushroom, Snow bean and Broccoli$2150.00
Special Chop Suey: Shrimps, Chicken, Beef with fresh assorted vegetables$1150.00
Chicken chop suey$895.00
BBQ Pork chop suey$895.00
Beef chop suey$895.00
Shrimps chop suey$1365.00
Seafood chop suey$1920.00
Chinese vegetable$1100.00


ItemPrice (JMD)
Egg Fuyong Combination$1065.00
Chicken egg fuyong$865.00
BBQ Pork W/ Egg fuyong$865.00
Shrimps W/ Egg fuyong$1395.00


ItemPrice (JMD)
Sauteed Seasonal Vegetable$880.00
Black mushroom w/ seasonal vegetable$1180.00
Braised beancurd in sichuan style$980.00
Beancurd w/ seasonal vegetable$1180.00
Fuga in black bean sauce$1200.00
Steamed eggplant in garlic sauce$1200.00


ItemPrice (JMD)
Two flavor shrimps$1900.00
Sweet & sour shrimps$1700.00
Shrimps in oyster sauce$1700.00
Shrimps w/ black bean sauce$1700.00
Curry shrimps$1700.00
Shrimps sichuan style$1700.00
Mallah shrimps$1700.00
Spicy salt & chili shrimps$1760.00
Steamed shrimps w/ garlic sauce$1760.00
Shrimps w/ cashew nuts$1985.00
Shrimp with broccolis$2030.00


ItemPrice (JMD)
Scallops in cantonese sauce$2800.00
Scallops with broccoli$3200.00
Scallops sichuan style$2800.00
Scallops in black bean sauce$2800.00
Scallops with celery$2980.00
Squid in cantonese style$1980.00
Squid with broccoli$2350.00
Squid w/ spicy salt & chili$1980.00
Squid sichuan style$1980.00
Squid in black bean sauce$1980.00
Squid with celery$2350.00


ItemPrice (JMD)
Beef sichuan style$1080.00
Beef in black bean sauce$1080.00
Beef in oyster sauce$1080.00
Beef in satay sauce$1180.00
Beef with cantonese style$1080.00
Boiled beef w/ sichuan style$1380.00
Beef with sichuan pickle$1380.00


ItemPrice (JMD)
Special fried rice$1080.00
Chicken fried rice$910.00
BBQ pork fried rice$910.00
Beef fried rice$910.00
Shrimp fried rice$1080.00
Seafood fried rice$1300.00
Lobster fried rice$1380.00
Mixed vegetable fried rice$720.00
Egg fried rice$695.00
Soy sauce fried rice$610.00
Salt fish & piced chicken fried rice$910.00
Yangzhou fried rice$1140.00
Fachang fried rice$910.00


ItemPrice (JMD)
Singapore noodle$1120.00
Rice noodle & beef$1120.00
Special sui mein$1230.00
Wonton sui mein$1080.00
Chicken Sui mein$1180.00
Beef sui mein$1180.00
Seafood sui mein$2150.00
Shrimp sui mein$1780.00
Special chow mein$1260.00
Shredded chicken chow mein$980.00
BBQ pork chow mein$1080.00
Beef chow mein$1080.00
Shrimp chow mein$1480.00
Seafood chow mein$2150.00
Beef Lo mein$1080.00
Roast pork Lo mein$1080.00
Shredded chicken Lo mein$980.00
Shrimp Lo mein$1480.00
Seafood Lo mein$2150.00


ItemPrice (JMD)
Chicken & Fish Maw Soup$490.00
Beacurd & Seafood Soup$470.00
Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup$360.00
Crabmeat & Sweet Corn Soup$480.00
Seafood & Sweet Corn Soup$480.00
Wonton Soup$280.00
Fresh Shrimps Wonton Soup$420.00
Hot & Sour Soup$425.00
Seafood in Hot & Sour Soup$480.00
Minced Beef Soup$360.00
Chicken & Mushroom Soup$360.00
Vegetable Soup$260.00

Prices are subject to change without notice.

G.C.T Not Included

5% Service Charge Not Included



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