We at Tandoor’s would like to welcome you to this heavenly journey of enchanting gourmet & celebration of Indian food. The Tandoor’s Indian Restaurant genesis resides within the philosophy of serving you our customers with the best of indian cuisine. Prepared to your personal preference. A meticulously prepared menu that starts with exotic starters hosting an array of assorted Indian delicacies, Tandoor’s takes you on a Taste journey that is really out of this universe.


 *All main course meals served with Basmati Rice. Lunch Take-Out is served with Rice, Nan & Dal*
Lunch is served between 11:30 AM – 3-30 PM



Lunch Menu



ChickenDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Chicken MasalaChicken is pan tossed in a silky butter & tomato concasse blessed with Kastoori methi leaves$745.00
Butter ChickenRoast Chicken is pan tossed in a silky butter & tomato concasse blessed with Kastoori methi leaves$745.00
Chicken KurmaSucculent chicken in a creamy coconut curry$745.00
Chicken KadaiSucculent chicken simmered in a crushed pepper & tomato sauce with sweet peppers, onion & coriander seeds.$745.00
Chicken Tikka MasalaSmoked kissed tandoori roast chicken tikka pieces served in a rich tomato curry$745.00


ShrimpDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Shrimp MasalaShrimp is pan tossed in a silky butter & tomato concasse blessed with Kastoori methi leaves$895.00
Shrimp KurmaSucculent shrimp in a creamy coconut curry$895.00
Shrimp VindalooShrimp & potato vindaloo a world famous curry known for its naturally hot goan spicies$895.00


MuttonDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Mutton MasalaMutton in a rich creamy curry sauce$795.00
Mutton KurmaMutton in a rich creamy coconut sauce$795.00
Mutton Rogan JoshAuthentic delicacy from kashmire, cooked with a perfect blend of french indian herbs$795.00


VegetarianDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Aloo MutterPotato & green peas curried with traditional indian herbs & spices$695.00
Veg KadaiTomato & Onion masala with roasted coriander seeds$695.00
Veg KurmaAssortment of vegetables cooked in rich coconut milk$695.00
Paneer MutterHomemade cheese with green peas$695.00
Egg Plant CurryDelicious lightly spiced aubergine curry$695.00
Bindi MasalaAssortment okra curry to tantalize the senses$695.00
Chana MasalaA traditional Indian spiced chick peas curry with a rich flavor$695.00


FishDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Fish MasalaFish is pan tossed in a silky butter & tomato concasse blessed with Kastoori methi leaves$795.00
Fish KurmaSucculent fish in a creamy coconut curry$795.00
Fish Tikka MasalaSmoke kissed tandoori roast fish tikka pieces served in a rich tomato curry$795.00

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All items are made in a Kitchen that handles nuts, gluten & dairy products. Please notify us of any allergies you may have.

Delivery Service available. Conditions Apply.

*Prices do not include G.C.T.

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