Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records is the first of its kind in the Caribbean region and has already started to break the barriers of a casual eatery and sports bar & lounge. Our goal is to deliver a memorable experience to all customers… each and every time!


Daily Menu



DishDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Garden Side SaladMixed greens, avocado, cucumber, bell peppers and citrus segments.$495.00
Country Style Janga SoupModern version of traditional Jamaican janga soup – light but with a kick of spice.$675.00
‘Flitters’Conch fritters or callaloo & corn fritters - your choice of light and fluffy versions of these traditional Jamaican treats served with remoulade and fire cracker slaw.$675.00
Bungle of FriesSeasoned sweet potato, Irish potato and cassava fries with jerked remoulade dip.$495.00
Chicken Wings...A Tracks signature dish.$675.00
Your choice of:
• Red Stripe BBQ
• “Sticky” jam asian
• Golden scotch bonnet
• Jerked buffalo with coconut ranch
Jerked Chicken Spring RollJerked chicken, roast corn salsa, cilantro, scotch bonnet and pepper jack in a crispy skin and served with creamy cilantro dipping sauce.$675.00
‘Swims’Your choice of spicy jerked grilled shrimp skewers, pepper shrimps or coconut & cassava crusted shrimp served with pineapple ginger sweet & sour sauce. $975.00
Tracks Flatbread PizzaGrilled personal sized gourmet "pizza" topped with calalloo, feta, sundried tomato tapenade, sweet & sour onions and scotch bonnet oil. $975.00
Guava glazed bacon, sauteed mushrooms, guava BBQ sauce, caramelised onions, sundried tomatoes, monterey jack & parmesan cheeses, cilantro and scotch bonnet oil.
Jerked Chicken QuesadillaGrilled jerked chicken breast with monterey jack cheese, roasted bell peppers, creamy cilantro dressing and guacamole.$975.00
Spiced Beef SlidersThree spiced mini beef burgers topped with feta, blue and monterey jack cheeses, island slaw and sweet potato chips.$975.00
Pimento Crusted Jerk Beef SatayModern twist on traditional jerk served with coconut dipping sauce and spiced sweet potato chips.$975.00
Island NachosCrispy green plantain chips layered with jerked sausage, roast corn salsa, pico de gallo, roasted red pepper, monterey jack cheese and topped with herbs, scotch bonnet oil and chipotle drizzle served with creamy cilantro sauce. $975.00
Platters Galore (for sharing)
‘Swims’ GaloreA 12 piece combo of our spicy grilled jerked shrimp skewers, pepper shrimps and coconut & cassava crusted shrimp with pineapple ginger sweet & sour sauce. $1,400.00
Flitters GaloreA 12 piece combo of conch and callaloo & corn fritters.$1,200.00
Wings GaloreA 12 piece combo of our Tracks signature wings$1,200.00
• Red Stripe BBQ
• “Sticky” jam asian
• Golden scotch bonnet
• Jerked buffalo with coconut ranch dipping sauce

Big Food

Greens & Tings

DishDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Jam Asian Cobb SaladJerked chicken, avocado, pepper jack cheese, guava ham, hard boiled egg, toasted peanuts and seasonal fruits – your choice of dressing.$1,000
Island SaladMixed greens, feta cheese, toasted “jerked peanuts”, citrus segments, diced mango (seasonal), bell peppers and avocado – your choice of dressing.$1,000
Traditional CaesarRomaine lettuce with caesar dressing, shaved parmesan, lime – garlic croutons and anchovies (optional) Add $200....for jerked chicken or peppered shrimp caesar salad.$1,000
Gourmet Beef BurgerPimento spiced ground beef, melted cheddar, jerked remoulade, and island slaw served with french fries.$1,200
Escoveitch Fish SandwichCornmeal crusted snapper with spicy remoulade, escoveitch sauce and escoveitch pickled vegetables in a moist coco bread served with french fries.$1,000
Croque MassaUsain’s version of the traditional toasted ham sandwich: guava glazed ham, bechemel and pepper jack cheese on hardo bread…. A Tracks signature dish.$1,000
Crispy Chicken SandwichGolden crispy chicken breast sandwiched between moist coco bread served with french fries.$1,000
Ital Penne with Pumpkin RundownVegetarians and non-vegetarians alike will love this wicked version of an ital pasta: pumpkin, plantain, cho-cho, thyme and scotch bonnet with parmesan and a light coconut cream sauce… need we say more?$1,000

Crock Pots

DishDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Mac and Cheese Cottage PieSucculent beef topped with a rich mac and cheese crust.$1,400.00
Yard Style Stew BeefOur version of traditional home cooked Jamaican beef stew, braised ‘til tender in a mini crock pot served with yam puree and local roasted vegetables.$1,200.00
Curried Seafood Crock PotA typical Island curry with a mix of seafood baked in its own crock pot served with white rice, tostones, mango chutney and a side salad.$1,400.00
Curried MuttonTraditional Jamaican favourite served with steamed white rice, mango chutney, tostones and local vegetables.$975.00

From the Jerk Pan

DishDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Pan ChickenJust like roadside pan chicken, test out our version of this favourite after hours snack, served with hardo bread, festival, roast plantain and island slaw.$1,000.00
Jerked PorkNo visit to Jamaica can be complete without a taste of jerk… Made using our very own jerk seasoning, this is a winner and one of Bolt’s faves! A must try… served with roast yam, festival, roasted plantain and firecracker slaw.$1,200.00
Roast Fish and FestivalRoast fish in foil with escoveitch rundown pickles, served with fluffy golden festival, roast yam, roast plantain, and fire cracker slaw.$1,800.00

Pot Luck

DishDescriptionPrice (JMD)
Blue Mountain Grilled SteakMelt in your mouth grilled tenderloin with a Blue Mountain Coffee rub served with coffee sorrel chutney, sweet & sour onions, sweet potato mash and local vegetables.$1,800
Pan Seared Snapper with Roast Corn SalsaLight and fresh with a twist of Jamaican lime served with sweet potato puree and local vegetables.$1,800
Chicken Supreme in Coconut Mango SauceJerked chicken breast in a coconut mango sauce with steamed rice and local vegetables.$1,400


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